Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Care And Maintenance of EOT Cranes

To deal with the daily expanding construction of a magnificent building and architectural structures, advancement in the equipment used to build these is also needed. There is a huge involvement of heavy equipment, loads and loads of tons of construction material; all of which is needed at extensive heights. For lifting these, high cranes with high tension wires and suspenders are used.

Cranes are essential to construction and building operations. Material which needs to be lifted at heights for multiple purposes is done with the help of cranes. Overhead cranes, especially, are designed for heavy duty use in construction. In fact, these are customisable as per the requirement and as per the demand by the user. 

EOT cranes are a type of overhead cranes that are suspended by heavy girders to handle heavy materials.

Maintenance and repair of EOT Cranes

EOT cranes are pretty advanced in their structure. However, these too, are just pieces of machinery. Machinery, with which anything can go haywire at any point in time. Working with such equipment is not easy. Taking care of them and maintaining them so that there are no hindrances in their working is an important part of the workers at the construction site.

EOT crane manufacturers in India are promising state-of-the-art technology when it comes to customising EOT cranes and are structuring them in a way wherein they can be easily maintained. With the humungous size of the EOT crane, maintaining and repairing EOT Cranes seems like a massive task; however, it is not.

In fact, these days, the EOT crane manufacturers in India are providing the service of routine maintenance checks on every EOT cranes they sell. There are AMC contracts or breakdown maintenance offered by these manufacturers.

The major part that has to be cared for in EOT cranes is the wheel, brake drum, gearbox, motor, wire rope and hooks.

Contractual maintenance of these parts is available at a very affordable cost with the manufacturers themselves and can be customised to suit the need of the client.

Friday, 17 March 2017

3 Essential Safety Concerns to Consider during High-Rise Construction

Construction is referred as a relatively difficult sector to work on. Workers working on a construction site are more prone to accident, compared to working in other areas. Not only workers, but bystanders too are prone to injuries.

Falling off the crane is the most common accidental scenario witnessed in high-rise construction and even in industrial areas. Use of right EOT crane becomes extremely important to make the lifting and shifting of heavy items once place to another process easy and safe. Choose the right EOT crane manufacturing company which gives the options of Single girder EOT, Double girder EOT crane, Lightweight cranes and others.

EOT Crane

Let us check 3 important safety concerns construction sites should consider:
  1. Risk Assessment of High Rise Construction:

    Work accidents are often related to- individual falling from the high rise, crane falling on bystanders, electrical shocks, etc. There are certain measures to consider in improving the job sites:

    • Use of safety equipment
    • Educating Labors
    • Creating Awareness

    The major accident cases found is the individual falling during construction due to the unsafe area and slippery footing. It's the job of construction engineer who has to look at the safety manual followed during the high rise construction.

  2. Using the Right Crane:

  3. Cranes are key equipment used in high rise construction for shifting heavy items from one place to another. Check for the reputed material handling making company that supplies customized EOT crane useful for a diverse range of applications. However, it is also important for the user of this crane to be experienced to avoid any kind of accident while lifting.

  4. Specialized Project Management:

  5. Given the degree of machinery and human error taking place during the construction, there is a requirement of strengthening the rules to avoid the errors. Frequent training and daily inspections are essential to keep the construction accident free. Three most important safety measures to be taken:

    • Identifying the hazards to avoid high-risk injury
    • Minimizing the risks by implementing measures
    • Maintaining and revising the measures for a safe work environment


It's highly important for construction engineers to keep an eye on equipment used, especially heavy items like cranes to ensure a quality standard of work. If you're looking for EOT cranes for the construction area, then do check out with the leading equipment manufacturing companies for safe and long run use.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Why It Is Needed To Choose The Finest Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Electric wire rope hoist is utilized for lifting, shuffling and transferring heavily loaded resources effortlessly. These electric hoists are electrically power-driven devices, applicable for heavy and medium duty operations.The load is coupled to hoist by a lifting hook.

Construction corporations and manufacturing companies use hoists with electric wire rope. They need to invest in quality electric wire rope hoists and so they require to carefully assess their standards. It is always practical to go ahead with large wire rope hoists as they are more robust in nature and also stronger wire rope hoists have better lifting power. 

electric wire rope hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists: Multipurpose, Compact Design and Flexible Models

Electric wire rope hoists are multipurpose and formed from numerous steel and wire materials. They come with compact designs and are wear resistant. They are also advantageous in the factory to reconstruct and crane modifications. The electric wire rope hoist is comprehensive, come with flexible models and wide-ranging as per the exertion choice.

Before investing in electric wire rope hoists, think of your short and long term purposes. The amount of lifting power is the key in their selection. Adaptable models and structures offer wide choice as per their application. The pricing of these devices is subject to the requirement specifications and the unique needs of the buyer.

Choose the Finest Electric Wire Rope Hoists while Purchasing

While purchasing the wire rope hoists from an Indian manufacturer, one needs to take care that the machine meets the required quality, steadiness and feasibility. Ambica Engineering is a leading electric wire rope hoist manufacturer. They offer numerous types of electric wire rope hoists in India. They provide hoists with excellent performance, natural load handling, higher safety and advantageous dimensions.Their electric wire rope hoists provide the quickest return on investment. The company offers electric wire rope hoists with 15 ton capacity and 18 meters height of lift. They offer premium ropes for wear resistance and are most competitively priced in the market.